Welcome to Coeus Management LLC

Coeus Management is a boutique management consulting and restructuring practice providing due diligence services to both investors and lenders and helping companies effect change to improve financial and operational performance.

Our core services are:

  • Diligence services
  • Performance improvement
  • Turnarounds
  • Interim management

Our diligence services include viability assessments and our signature Quality of Earnings Report.  In contrast to traditional Quality of Earnings Reports that almost exclusively focus on accounting aspects and financial statement reviews, our reports go further to the heart of where and why the target business makes money and loses money.  Our highly experienced professionals draw on many years in the restructuring industry and in operating businesses to quickly identify what makes companies tick and whether key metrics are being met. Only then can opinions be reliably given on the accuracy of EBITDA and whether earnings are repeatable.  Our reports consequently provide in depth operational, financial and management assessments to investors and lenders in support of their decision making.

For businesses in distress we understand the pressures put on management and owners, because we've been there.  Pressure can come from all sides, customers, suppliers, lenders - and unchecked can escalate at an increasing rate.  Our approach is to act quickly and communicate appropriately with those inside and outside the business to stabilize the situation.  Remedial action and creation of a turnaround strategy is then shaped by an in depth analysis of the business' operations, management, cash flow and financial structure.  And then, along with management, we implement the strategy.  If appropriate or necessary, we can also assume an interim management role.

For companies planning or undergoing rapid growth, whether at the earlier or more mature stages of their organization, we help plan and execute their vision.  We prepare and assess business plans, including sales & marketing plans, make sure there are no impediments to meeting plan targets, provide interim management, assist in securing new funding, and keep management similarly focused.  Our goal is to deliver a viable business, operating at the desired level of profitability, and supported by adequate management and financial resources.

Please see a more comprehensive description of our services under Services.

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